Five Finger Death Punch have premiered a new song, 'Generation Dead,' off their highly anticipated new album, 'American Capitalist,' which is due out Oct. 11.

'Generation Dead' (listen below) premiered on, and although it is not as heavy as their current single, 'Under and Over It,' the song still maintains a certain level of ascending intensity.

The powerful force lies within the lyrics and deliverance by Moody as the song begins with him singing, "I look around and all I see is evil / walking dead / disguised as real people / It's kill or be killed cause life is not forever / It comes apart and then it falls together."

The tune has a balance of harmony and heaviness complete with thunderous drum patterns and heavy guitar riffs which Five Finger Death Punch fans will love. "We are a people's band," says Moody. "Our fans understand us because of who we are."

Moody melodically sings the very poetically rhythmic chorus that promises to get stuck in your head: "It's the world I've grown to know / Unforgiving and so cold / Take it away / Take it away / I don't want it / It's the life I'm forced to live / I've got nothing more to give / Take it away / Take it away / I don't want it anymore."

"I literally laid every ounce of blood I had on this one," frontman Ivan Moody tells of the album 'American Capitalist.' "Our fans understand us because of who we are. We've never tried to be anybody else but Five Finger Death Punch."

Catch the band when it headlines the upcoming Share the Welt Tour with All That Remains, Hatebreed and Rev Theory. In the meantime, read our interview with 5FDP guitarist Jason Hook here.

Listen to Five Finger Death Punch 'Generation Dead'