Replacing departed band members is never easy on the remaining crew. Luckily for Five Finger Death Punch, welcoming new bassist Chris Kael into the fold was  rather simple. That's certainly the exception and not the rule, though!

In a recent video chat with The Artist Spotlight, guitarist Jason Hook and drummer Jeremy Spencer sat down to talk about welcoming Kael into the band, with Spencer labeling it a "seamless transition. We got fortunate. We got a victory on this one." Hook, however, offered up a hilarious take on how they managed to track down Kael, saying, "I've been saying, 'God sent us Chris Kael.' We would have taken anyone from anywhere, as long as they were the right person."

It wasn't divine intervention that lead Kael to the FFDP crew. It was something much less spiritual and much more technological. Hook said, "Chris sent a message through Facebook. There is great undiscovered talent out there, if you look for it."

That's a very zen and philosophical way of looking at things, don'tcha think? Judging from his comments in this video interview, Hook has an interesting perspective on things, one that jokingly references a more spiritual way of thinking. It's all likely unintended!

Overall, though, Kael got the job for two simple reasons. "He's not a douchebag and can play bass, why not?," Hook said about welcoming the new thick stringer into the FFDP family.

Kael himself recalled his audition with the band, as well. It wasn't as "philosophical!"

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