Did anybody do a head scratch when Red Hot Chili Peppers were recently announced to play the Super Bowl halftime show alongside pop star Bruno Mars? After all, the organizers have been notoriously conservative in their choices for the halftime show performers after Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" a decade ago and the Chili Peppers have been known to bare a fair share of skin during their performances.

The irony was not lost on bassist Flea, who last week tweeted, "Anybody wanna see my c---k at the Super Bowl?' Almost as soon as he posted the tweet, he deleted it from view. But the question remained how far the band that once notoriously posed completely naked with only some well placed athletic socks would push the envelope.

TMZ caught up with Flea in Los Angeles Wednesday night (Jan. 22) and asked him if he was actually prepared to bare more of himself on arguably the biggest public platform in the world. "No, they'd chop my head off," the bassist emphatically answered.

He then dodged questions from the reporter, who suggested that he might just be keeping his secrets under wraps, before exiting the scene on a bicycle. Watch the full TMZ piece above.