After a bit of a break, stoner doom band Floor are back again with the new album, 'Oblation.' The disc comes out today (April 29) and is already earning some stellar reviews. For those already buzzing about the album, we've got a treat for you. From Floor themselves, we've got an exclusive track-by-track breakdown of the entire 'Oblation' album.

'Oblation' is an important release for Floor. The band hasn't released a full-length record since 'Dove' came out in 2004. That same year, the band called it quits and frontman Steve Brooks went on to form Torche. Despite Torche's success, Brooks is back with Floor once again to get a little more heavy.

Floor go deep into 'Oblation' below:

Traditionally, our lyrics are open for interpretation. This allows the listener to apply subjective meaning in the context they seem fit. Nevertheless, there are underlying themes and, without getting into too much detail regarding each song, are presented here. The format is as if an interviewer were to ask, "In a sentence, what is this song about?"

Oblation: A cycle has ended and another begun, therefore, intuitively recall and apply anything previously learned here and now.

Rocinante: Appreciation for the dearest of friends, and following the will of The Highest.

Trick Scene: Using deceit to further an agenda and getting played by the same game.

Find Away: Trying to be positive and keeping things novel.

The Key: A quick instrumental that became a lead-in for 'New Man'.

New Man: Possessive behavior in a relationship.

Sister Sophia: Wisdom that leads to enlightenment.

The Quill: Old street slang for the genuine article, the real deal.

Love Comes Crushing: Aliens once told me that love was the meaning of life.

War Party: There is vastly more beyond the orthodox.

Homegoings and Transitions: "The lyrics came about through a meditative writing process with the gentle intent of focusing on the energy that is Floor." - Melissa Friedman

Sign of Aeth: Evolution into something higher.

Raised to a Star: The 'Sign of Aeth' accomplished.

Forever Still: The 'Sign of Aeth' unaccomplished, so return to the beginning (see 'Oblation').

Be sure to grab a copy of Floor's new album 'Oblation.' To buy the album, click here.