Foo Fighters are back with new music and now there's a lyric video for their recently released 'Something From Nothing' single. The band premiered the clip as part of the first episode of their 'Sonic Highways' series on HBO Friday night (Oct. 17).

The video (watch above) finds the band performing in producer Steve Albini's Electrical Audio Studios as they perform dimly lit, essentially letting the music be the focus. As the band plays, the song's lyrics scroll out on screen around the Foo Fighters members. When the song picks up in intensity, so does the lighting peering into the studio as if generated by the power of the song.

Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen, who lays down a wicked guitar part that Pat Smear says in the 'Sonic Highways' episode gives him "a metal chill," also turns up in the video for the track. All in all, it's an effective clip showcasing the band's performance of the song.

'Something From Nothing' is the lead single and first song on Foo Fighters' 'Sonic Highways' album, due Nov. 10. The disc is currently available for pre-order. Check here for options.

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