As a member of In Flames, Jesper Stromblad was one of the band's more versatile musicians. The rocker primarily played guitar, but also handled keyboards and briefly did some drum work for the group as well. But in 2010, his time with the band came to an end and Stromblad revealed that he was leaving to "fight and defeat his demons" once and for all.

Stromblad recently opened up to fans on Facebook, revealing that he would answer whatever questions they had. A majority of the questions he received had to do with his exit from In Flames, thoughts on the band's current state and whether or not he would ever return. The musician offered a quite frank response to the questions in a point-by-point posting.

Check out his response below:

Hey peepz,

I posted the other day that you should submit questions for me to answer. Well as 99% is about the same subject I can make some things clear once and for all, for save you the trouble to ask;

-Will I ever return to In Flames? No one never knows what the future brings, but the chances are slim as they embarked on a different musical journey, they have a solid lineup and I'm on a totally different path in life right now. I would never go into details why I quit, but there is always one official story and there is the other ... Alcohol is a quite small part of it. That can also answer the next question, what do I think of their new stuff. Listen to The Resistance and that explains a bit of it. We simply went different directions. I need to stand behind and feel inspired with what I do 100%. I owe it to the fans and obviously the band -- all respect to In Flames and their new approach, but for me the band was a guitar/riff based melo death band. And it's not anymore, but still amazing musicianship and I don't think its wrong. but it's not the vision I had when we started out. But still, all respect to them and the huge success, highly deserved! So please, I wish, change the comment from "come back to IF", to "welcome Niklas Engelin", who is one of the nicest talented guys, and the one who fill my shoes perfect, and brings back an amazing energy live and personally!
So there you have it.

I do not and will never compromise with my music. I'm on a new path together with the guys in TR who made me want to play again and the good feeling of being a part of a band. Dedication, friendship, genuine passion for the music! Money, fame grammys e t c doesn't matter a crap if U don't have your not committed 100% to it. I also have a solo album coming up, a facebreaking EP and album with The Resistance and some other exciting projects. so..... everyone is where they belong.. I'm in a band I love. IF do their thing great... all good:) love you all #TTD #soberandrelevant

In Flames just released the 'Siren Charms' album last month and have dates booked in Europe, Australia and the U.S. during the remaining of the year. Dates can be seen here. As for Stromblad, look for him splitting time between the Resistance and his upcoming solo EP.