The new season of CBS reality show 'Big Brother' kicks off next Thursday, July 12, at 9PM ET, with a headbanger in the cast. Onetime Kittie bassist Jenn Arroyo, who was with the band from 2002 through 2005, will appear on the show.

A bio of the Brooklyn-born, tattooed Arroyo is posted on the show's website.

She describes herself as "smart, sexy and funny" and says that she loves to play guitar and bass. Arroyo, 37, also claims that her journal entries often end up as song lyrics.

She is coping with the fact that her participation on this quirky show requires her to be away from her family and friends, with no contact, because as a touring musician, she knows all-too-well what being away from those you love is like. "I have been on very long tours far away from my loved ones and survived, so I can do this," she writes. That alone gives Arroyo an edge to win the show.

See, being in a metal band can properly prepare you for any situation life throws at you!

Arroyo , who is now a member of the band Suicide City, is obviously a dedicated musician, as she also wrote that "I'm so very proud of every album I've ever worked on. A piece of my heart and soul are located within." A guitar, laptop and flat iron are the items she would bring into the Big Brother House.

And if she becomes famous from winning the show? She is adamant that it won't change her.

Upon winning, Arroyo claims she would "head right back into the studio and record a full length album and then head out on the road with my band and tour. Start a music program to help underprivileged kids stay focused. Music has saved my life and I want to give back to what has been so good to me."

In case you are not super familiar with the show, a group of contestants are thrown together in a house, watched 24/7 by cameras. To win the grand prize of cash, the contestants need to survive periodic evictions.

Will you watch 'Big Brother' since it has a metalhead in the cast?