In newly revealed blockbuster testimony from 2009, Frances Bean Cobain, the first daughter of grunge as the offspring of the late Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Courtney Love, claimed that her oft controversial mother is a hoarder whose obsessive accumulation of stuff caused the death of family pets. Looks like Love's landlord isn't the only one with major issues with how she lives.

According to the testimony obtained by The Fix (which is also chronicled in Maer Roshan's eBook), life with Love was a living hell.

Mother and daughter have been at odds for quite some time, with Cobain filing a restraining order against her outspoken mother in December 2009 after a physical altercation erupted between them. The judge granted Frances' request based on evidence provided by the male nanny and others. At the time, Love was not permitted to go near Uncle Fester, Frances' pet pooch.

Additionally, the teen accused her mother of living on drugs ("she exists on Xanax, Adderall, Sonata, Abilify, sugar and cigarettes"); of being a conspiracy theorist (she rants and raves about fraud that she believes has been perpetrated against them); and of killing her cat and dog. Mother of the Year, anyone?

The kitty allegedly died after being entangled in a pile of Etsy fabrics, paperwork and trash, while the dog apparently perished after ingesting some of Love's countless meds.

Frances also claimed to live in the grip of fear that she would die in a fire, since Love, who she says barely consumes food, falls asleep in bed while smoking, which is a recipe for disaster. Frances said Love has started three fires by doing so. No wonder the judge granted her request for a restraining order.

We're waiting to see how the always vocal and responsive Love reacts to this news being revealed. Know what we think? Frances Bean and frequent Love target Dave Grohl should start a band and perform Hole parodies. That'd really send Love over the edge.

Frances Bean recently surfaced in a series of edgy photos that can be seen here and here.