Norwegian doom pioneers Funeral recently had a close call with the health of drummer Anders Eek, as the man behind the kit recently suffered a heart attack.

With Eek as a founding member, Funeral are credited as architects of the "funeral doom" sub-genre of metal along with bands such as Evoken and Thergothon. The Funeral drummer was hospitalized yesterday (May 29) after his heart attack, but currently remains in stable condition. Although further tests still need to be conducted, Eek is only expected to remain in the hospital for a few more days.

The Funeral drummer may be feeling very fatigued, but Eek was still able to muster up the energy to triumphantly flash the devil horns, as seen in the picture below.

After 21 years of doom, Funeral recently finished their latest studio album, 'Oratorium,' which is expected for release later this year. The band's last release was the 2011 full-length album, 'To Mourn is a Virtue.'

Stay tuned as the condition of Anders Eek progresses.