Metal drummer Gene Hoglan's resume is so impressive it'll make your mouth hit the floor. He's minded the kit for the likes of Dark Angel, Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory and Dethklok, to name a few. Now he will bring his rhythmic prowess to Testament as he bash the skins for the Bay Area thrashers on their current tour with Anthrax and Death Angel, which begins this evening in Las Vegas.

The tour runs through Feb. 19, when it wraps in San Jose, Calif. Check out all the dates here.

Hoglan was the obvious choice for the kit vacancy in Testament on this live run. Hoglan recorded the drums on the band's upcoming effort 'The Dark Roots of Earth,' which is due in either late April or early May via Nuclear Blast. Testament drummer Paul Bostaph was unable to play in the studio due to an injury and has since left the band.

Will Hoglan's role in Testament become a more semi-permanent one? You never know in the metal universe.

Anthrax recently entered the Loudwire Cage Match Hall of Fame after five straight victories.