Ghost B.C. (Ghost) are constantly inciting their fans with little surprises. The Satanic cult was recently in Australia to play the iconic Big Day Out festival tour, but somewhere along the way, singer Papa Emeritus II took off his makeup for a special three-song performance.

We've finally seen the true face of Papa Emeritus! Alright, not entirely. The Ghost vocalist has temporarily scrapped the makeup before to shoot certain interviews and even for the music video for 'Year Zero.' However, Papa Emeritus II is double-disguised, painting his well-known skeleton face on top of a separate mask. So here, it's just the mask without the makeup.

In thèse taped performances for, the instrumental section of Ghost keep their masks and wardrobe on while Papa Emeritus II dawns a nice suit and a pair of sunglasses. Ghost performed the two fan favorites 'Ritual' and 'Year Zero' along with 'If You Have Ghost,' a Roky Erickson cover featured on the band's 'If You Have Ghost' EP.

Check out the new Ghost performances in the videos above and below!

Ghost, 'Ritual' (Live)

Ghost, 'If You Have Ghosts' (Live)