If you’ve had a hankering to scream like a rock star, now Sebastian Bach will show you how.

In a new interview with Fuse.TV, the gregarious frontman schools budding metalheads with a comedic episode of  ‘Sebastian Bach’s Scream School,’ because according to the man himself, “You can’t be a successful heavy metal singer without being able to scream!”

Bach methodically and comically traverses through several kinds of screams from the introductory ‘Warm-Up Scream’ to the pro level ‘Crotch Shot Scream,’ closing out the lesson with the ever appropriate ‘Grand Finale Scream.’

For each unique scream stye he gives an example in the form of one of his solo songs or a song he performed with Skid Row from rockers like 'Monkey Business' to the monster ballad 'I Remember You.'

Watch his tutorial below to figure out which scream will fit best into your own personal regime. Are you a ‘Kick Off Scream’ connoisseur or more of a ‘Freak Out’ screamer? Bach offers up one for every occasion, whatever your needs may be!

Attend ‘Sebastian Bach’s Scream School’ In This Video