Hailing from Massachusetts, home to the Salem Witch Trials in 1692, it’s no surprise that Godsmack are getting into the Halloween spirit early! As fall sets in and Halloween approaches the band has announced a new contest where they’re tasking fans to carve their best Godsmack-inspired pumpkins.

The carvings can be anything Godsmack related from album covers to song-inspired artwork – it just has to scream Godsmack. Oh, and try to stay away from the obvious – in other words, no Godsmack sun logos!

Godsmack’s music catalog has quite a few songs that could easily be tailored into a ghoulish pumpkin with with the help of some fancy knife skills -- how about the instrumental ‘Vampires’ from 2000’s ‘Awake’ or ‘Devil’s Swing’ from their latest release ‘The Oracle.’ Both songs could be sliced and diced into spooktacular works of art.

And for those advanced artists out there, we’ve always wanted to see singer Sully Erna’s mug on a pumpkin, so dazzle us with your creativity!

The contest is open to everyone and the winner will win a bunch of goodies including Godsmack tour merchandise. To read the official rules and regulations and all the details on the contest, head over to the official Godsmack website.