Godsmack's Sully Erna revealed in a recent interview that the desire to have everyone's voice heard in the songwriting process once led to a fracture in the band that resulted in the Another Animal side project. These days, the band has a much healthier relationship when it comes to the creative conflicts, and their writing process is the focus of the band's latest webisode leading up to their '1000hp' album.

In the video above, Erna reveals, "Tony [Rombola] and Shannon [Larkin] bring in all these ideas and I bring in all these ideas and it's kind of like a wolfpack, fighting over a bone. Everyone wants to keep their ideas. Everyone wants to salvage the art that they've created. And all of it was great ideas, but it was really about what was best for the album."

He goes on to add, "That's a promise we all had made to each other a long time ago. We always write for what's best for the record -- not individuality, not egos -- and so we get to work." The video above gives viewers a closer look at how the band narrows down the songs that will make the album and the song creation process in the studio.

In other Godsmack news, it's been revealed that the band has a celebrity fan in 'X-Men' star Hugh Jackman. The actor revealed to ArtistDirect, "When I train, I listen to really hard stuff. While I'm working out, I listen to a lot of Godsmack as loudly as I can. That's the closest to Wolverine that I can get [Laughs]!"

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