They say play to your audience, but Boston-based Godsmack vocalist Sully Erna wasn't about to let some cat calling audience members and obvious Seattle Seahawks fans get the best of him during a show last week in Yakima, Wash.

In one of the more thrilling Super Bowls in football history, the New England Patriots -- Erna's hometown team -- bested the Seattle Seahawks on a turnover on the final play of the game earlier this year, something that apparently still stings a bit for some of the concertgoers who according to Deadspin started a "Seahawks" chant during some acoustic noodling between songs in the set.

The vocalist took the jeers and responded in kind with some trash talking of his own. "What's your football team? The Seattle f--kin' Seahawks? Let me tell you something about those flukes, they have sucked big f--kin' d--k this year," said Erna. "Who's f---kin' undefeated this year? The New England Patriots are, that's right. So suck it."

"You started it," added the singer after receiving a few boos. "We're going to go undefeated this year and you guys are not cause you can't cause you already lost a bunch of games."

He then proceeded to break into song on his acoustic guitar, making up a rather NSFW song about the Seahawks just to needle the crowd a little bit more. "I love that song," concluded Erna with a laugh. "I think I'm gonna go record that song as soon as I get f--kin' home tonight," adding that his taunts were all in fun. After that good-natured musical trash talking of the Seahawks fans in the crowd, Erna got serious and resumed the show.

Props are given to Erna for going into Seahawks country and standing his ground. "Spy" in on the footage above and you'll see that he didn't get too "deflated" by the interaction. Sully and his Godsmack bandmates will be "onto Boston" after finishing up their tour leg this weekend.

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