Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong sent fans a Valentine's Day present yesterday when he announced via Twitter that the band has officially begun recording their ninth studio album.

Armstrong first teased the existence of new material in October of 2010, claiming the band had more than 30 songs ready for the next album. Months later the singer tweeted, "GD has been jamming new songs everyday. There's a ton of new songs. The direction is fresh and hi energy. Feels great." Since then the band has carted out several of the new tracks including 'Carpe Diem,' 'Stray Heart,' and the Amy Winehouse dedication 'Amy' during the handful of gigs they've played over the last year.

It's unknown how many of those songs will make the cut, but it would appear the band feels they have enough new material ready for at least one new album. "Happy Valentine's day! Officially started recording the new record today. " tweeted Armstrong before declaring, "It's F--- TIME!!!!"

The upcoming release will be Green Day's ninth studio album and the follow-up to their Grammy winning 2009 album '21st Century Breakdown,' which has more than 1 million copies to date.

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