Just last week Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong sent the Los Angeles area into a frenzy when he tweeted, "Green Day surprise rock 'n' roll sex party show meaning 'secret show' coming soon in L.A. area."


Fans got a little more amped up with Twitter teases from Billie Joe Armstrong stating, "Clothing optional! Dance or f--- off. And it's free,' and 'Bring your own booze. Weirdos and punishers welcome."

But all the excitement has gone for naught as the group has regretfully had to cancel the show. A press release issued Wednesday (June 20) stated that the band's plans for a Friday (June 22) show in Burbank were shut down after arrangements for the permits were denied by the city due to crowd control issues.

The anticipated turnout was expected to be well into the thousands and it was feared that after the location for the show was made public, the numbers would swell to a point where it would cause serious concern for the safety of those attending.

Green Day are expected to return with the first album of their trilogy, ‘¡Uno!,’ on Sept. 25. Their subsequent albums, '¡Dos!,' and '¡Tre!,' will follow on Nov. 13 and Jan. 15, respectively.