Green Day dropped the bombshell yesterday that not only have they been hard at work on new music, they plan to churn out three new discs over the course of the next year. With the names ‘¡Uno!,’ ‘¡Dos!,’ and ‘¡Tré!,’ the new albums are tentatively scheduled to be released on Sept. 25, Nov. 13 and Jan. 15, respectively.

While no word yet on what differentiates the three discs or how they fit together, we do know that they’ve played several new songs during their last few secret gigs, giving some indication on what might be heard as a whole.

In a new video clip, seen below, fans get to be a fly on the wall as the members of Green Day are chatting back in forth, discussing when they’re going to drop the good news about the trilogy to the public. At one point we hear frontman Billie Joe Armstrong say, “I’d like to get people an understanding of what’s happening,” and while that wasn’t exactly accomplished, we seem to be getting closer.

You then hear, “Is it an opera? Is it tied together? What is it?” and those are the questions we don’t quite have the answers for just yet. While they say, “I think there’s a story in this whole thing,” that isn’t exactly confirming or denying a correlation between the three discs, still leaving the overall vision a bit of a mystery.

“I just want everyone to hear this sh--, it’s f---ing genius,” chimes in Armstrong with his ringing endorsement before the clip wraps up with the band naming off their discography one disc at a time.

Green Day are scheduled to give the speech inducting Guns N’ Roses into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this weekend on April 14 -- good luck with that, boys!

Watch the New Clip From Green Day