Keyboardist Dizzy Reed is the second-longest serving member in the turbulent history of Guns N' Roses. Throughout the fights, riots and substance abuse issues with other GN'R members, Reed has stood vigilant at his post and continued through good and rough times. Recently, Ultimate Classic Rock spoke with Reed about his 20 years with the band, touring and the possibility of a new Guns N' Roses album.

Reed was asked about Guns N' Roses' legendary history of starting their concerts late, "As a matter of fact, I never thought about it, but yeah, it is silly," replied Reed. "It’s a rock 'n' roll concert for Christ’s sake! I would think we get more than our share of that, certainly. But yeah, (music) is supposed to be inspired by creativity and good things in life, and having a good time."

The keyboardist spoke about new GN'R material and writing while on tour, "I think, you know, all of us, as musicians and those of us that would consider ourselves composers, are always writing. I have a studio I take with me everywhere, and when I’m home that’s pretty much all I do. There’s so much material that’s been recorded in the past, that might put its head up sometime. We’re always writing."

For the full interview with Dizzy Reed, check out Ultimate Classic Rock.