GWAR are perhaps the greatest metal band to ever come from outer space. Thusly, frontman Oderus Urungus isn't afraid to speak its mind. In one of Urungus' trademark onstage rants, the alien lifeform put Hellyeah on the chopping block during a show in Buffalo, N.Y.

Before GWAR launched into 'The Uberklaw' from their 2009 album, 'Lust in Space,' Urungus presented the crowd with the following tirade as seen in a YouTube clip that has since been set to private:

How 'bout that new Hellyeah record? Pretty good, huh? What a great name for a band -- Hell, yeah. That is so awesome. How did those fat, stupid dudes from Texas ever come up with something so awesome? How did those fat, dumbass, tattooed ignorant, inbred f--ks ever come up with such an amazing idea as Hellyeah? Wow, Stephen Hawking, move over! Hahahahaha!

Usually Urungus' rants tend to stay within the confines of the venue they happen to be tearing apart, but the word was passed on the Hellyeah themselves, causing the band to respond via Twitter:


At first, it looked like GWAR and Hellyeah wouldn't be joining forces for a tour anytime soon. Then, the band issued a second tweet about the GWAR criticisms, which is below:

Despite that second tweet expressing appreciation over being shredded by GWAR, a GWAR and Hellyeah tour still doesn't seem likely. But that's immaterial. A duo who should join forces however are renowned physicist Steven Hawking and Oderus Urungus. Those two discussing the origins of the universe? We'd travel to Cambridge to see that!