Frontwoman Lzzy Hale and the rest of Halestorm always have something up their sleeves for fans. Earlier this year, they released an EP titled ‘ReAnimate: The Covers’ which included versions of songs by acts such as Skid Row, Guns N’ Roses, Lady Gaga and the Beatles.

So, when we asked Hale if we’ll get to see another covers EP, she said, “Absolutely. It’s funny, we didn’t even think about it until afterward; you know there’s a lot more songs we wanna do.”

Hale continues, “It’s fun for us and you have no idea how much you learn as a musician and as a singer and songwriter by learning somebody else’s material and having to own it and make it your own; it’s really like homework. You come out on the other side better for some reason, as a better musician so we definitely want to do it again.”

She explains that there are many other songs Halestorm would love to cover. “There’s a lot that we wanted to do on the first one, we had to whittle it down to six songs because we had six days in between tours to do it, so we did a song a day. [Laughs] So, we couldn’t do 20 but there were definitely like 50 of them; we were basically killing each other over the lineup but you’ll definitely see more EPs coming from us because it’s easy to do that.

She adds, “When making the full fledged record for your own band you have everybody involved, you got the label and management, producer and we have to go through the whole process and everybody’s got to approve it, then we have to prep it and that takes a while, it’s like havin’ a kid you know?”

“The EPs are little one night stands, they’re fun and you just put it out there and you see what happens and nobody really cares. [Laughs] 'You wanna do a Wham song, sure let’s do it,' so you’ll definitely see more of that coming from us.”

However, don’t expect a new collection of cover songs anytime soon, as the band is gearing up for a new studio album next year along with some massive touring. You’ll just have to wait until they get a six day break in between shows.

Check back with Loudwire soon for our full interview with the very entertaining Lzzy Hale.