High on Fire have traipsed over to GodCity Studios in Salem, Mass., to begin tracking their as-yet untitled sixth studio album. The band, known for their punishing, dirt-caked, bottom-heavy blend of metal, are working with producer Kurt Ballou, whose name should be familiar to discerning headbangers, as he also plays guitar in Converge. The new High on Fire disc will follow 2010's 'Snakes for the Divine,' which was the band's debut on eOne Records.

The latest slab of sludge-crusted metal is due in mid-2o12.

"We are really stoked about recording this album," says High on Fire bassist Jeff Matz. "The new songs are turning out absolutely punishing; there are some seriously sledgehammer riffs on this one!"

Sledgehammer riffs? We like the sound of that.

Matz also espoused the virtues of working with Ballou, saying, "He's super easy to work with and is full of good ideas. The sounds that the guy gets are ridiculous and raw as f--- but also clear and huge. I think this album will capture the essence of the band really well. It's still early in the process, but so far it's sounding amazing."