"Am I beautiful?," Maria Brink hauntingly asks in In This Moment's 'Sick Like Me' video and the resounding answer to that question after watching the clip should be "Yes."

Brink herself teamed with Robert Kley to direct the video, which brilliantly displays the dark beauty that In This Moment capture with their latest single. The vocalist appears in some of her signature tight-fitting outfits and capes and is shown hanging from a spider web above the giant letters "S-I-C-K.' The clip also features her writhing in a white bathtub with her arms covered in black and shows her dancing seductively with a pair of female dancers among other striking shots.

The 'Sick Like Me' video also finds Brink's In This Moment's bandmates brutally laying down the licks and beats for the performance of the track as they headbang and let their dreadlocks fly about.

The song 'Sick Like Me' is featured on the band's upcoming 'Black Widow' album, which is due out Nov. 17. You can currently pre-order the album on iTunes and it will also be available on vinyl at this location. You can also check out some of the bundle options here.

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