In This Moment are going as strong as ever, as their 'Blood' album continues to catapult their music career to new heights. No more was this more obvious than at the recent Revolver Golden Gods awards ceremony, where the band was nominated in multiple categories.

Loudwire spoke with the band's frontwoman Maria Brink and guitarist Chris Howorth on the Revolver Golden Gods black carpet, and the pair reflected on their breakout year and the rush of putting on their impressive live shows.

In This Moment puts on an amazing live show. What's the experience like for you performing night in and night out?

Maria Brink: I'm such a hippie. I swear, I'm in another dimension and I get lost up there and it's the one place where I can let go and when that moment happens it's like no other drug for me.

Chris Howorth: I love to play live too, especially with the success of the album and people know the songs. That means the shows are much more incendiary now. People know the words and it just feels so good to us.

You've had a huge year. Talk about what 'Blood' has done for your career.

Maria Brink: It was a game changer for us. Things were kind of falling apart and it took all things happening to us to write this and come up with all this inspiration and art. It came out perfectly and everything that we've aspired to do is happening for us right now. It's pretty sweet, right now, you and me.

Chris Howorth: The song 'Blood' too is pretty different for us. It's one of the first songs we wrote and it kind of set the tone for the whole record and we kind of followed that in a fearless, do what we want kind of way and it paid off.

Also, Maria you've been nominated for a vocalist award. What does it mean to be recognized, especially with the company that you're in with this category?

Maria Brink: I keep telling everybody it's pretty insane. They're my favorite singers. There are singers I've been inspired by and listen to and it's just an honor to be included in that list. It doesn't even matter [if I win]. Winning has nothing to do with it. It's just so awesome to be a part of it.

You just got off the 'Road to the Golden Gods' tour. What does it mean to represent something that is so uniquely metal?

Chris Howorth: It's so cool to be involved with it at all. Metal doesn't really have an awards thing until now and to be involved in any way with that is just awesome. Stone Sour is just a great amazing band and to be supporting them was awesome for our career as well. To be tied in with this, it's all good man.

So what's next for In This Moment? I know 'Adrenalize' is out there going strong…

Maria Brink: Yeah, and the video just came out. And we're gonna be out there just touring. We're on the road now and we're going to do this big awesome summer tour that we're getting ready to announce. We haven't announced it yet. So we're going to be out there, doing our thing and making our show bigger and bigger and bigger.

Chris Howorth: We're going to run 'Blood' until our legs fall off.