Flight 666 pierces the sky once again as Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson was scheduled to pilot one of the first flights leaving the New York area following Hurricane Irene. Along with being one of the most influential vocalists in metal, Dickinson has been an active pilot since the 1990s, regularity flying for U.K. airline Astraeus.

The human "Air Raid Siren" is flying for commercial airline Iceland Express, carrying around 200 people from Newark, N.J., to Reykjavik, Iceland. Dickinson is accompanied on his voyage by Iron Maiden mascot Eddie the Head during his Iceland trip. Eddie's likeness is painted on the tail of the Boeing 757, along with the iconic Iron Maiden logo gracing the outside of the cabin.

This isn't the first time Dickinson has taken the helm during a potentially dangerous situation. In 2006, the metal god flew about 200 UK citizens out of Lebanon during the Israel/Hezbollah conflict. He also picked up 180 stranded tourists in Egypt with a group of British Royal Air Force pilots in 2008.

Carriers were forced to suspend their flights due to the 500-mile-wide Hurricane Irene. The airlines have since resumed their full flight schedules, although major delays are expected.