We've heard lullaby version of heavy metal songs, we've heard string quartet versions of metal songs, and even some pop artists have covered some of metal's most cherished anthems, but this might be the one version nobody expected. Sung in the style of Michael McDonald, Las Vegas act the Guilty Pleasures recently covered Iron Maiden's classic 'Run to the Hills' in their own 'Yacht Rock' style.

What is yacht rock? It started out as an online series that spoofed soft-rock artists of the '70s such as the Doobie Brothers, Kenny Loggins, Toto, Hall & Oates and Christopher Cross. That led to a whole scene of live shows and cover bands.

The Guilty Pleasures immerse themselves in a danceable version of Maiden's galloping fan-favorite and it's actually pretty difficult to follow the familiar melodies that made this song so famous. With drums fills that almost rival the ones in Phil Collins' 'In The Air Tonight,' these guys can surely call playing thing song a guilty pleasure. On top of that, you have to check out the sweet dance moves of the few people watching the Guilty Pleasures' set.

So, let us know, is this cover of 'Run to the Hills' a new guilty pleasure for you or will you just stick with the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise?