Papa Roach singer Jacoby Shaddix contributes a weekly tour diary to Loudwire, chronicling his experiences on the 2013 Carnival of Madness trek, which also features Shinedown, Skillet, In This Moment and We as Human. Check out Jacoby’s latest entry below, in which he discusses the "best week" yet of the Carnival of Madness tour, calls out a couple of "lot lizards" and gives props to Shinedown for taking P-Roach out on the road with them:

We have covered some serious miles on this tour and it was been such a blast! So stoked to have been able to be a part of CARNIVAL OF MADNESS.

This week has been the best week of this tour, hands down. All the shows where epic! Mud Island in Memphis was killer. It started off a little lame 'cause from the stage it kinda seems like we are playing at Sea World and I was Shamu. But once I made a joke about it and rampaged through the crowd, we had a rock show on our hands!

Then we were off to Allegan, Mich., where we performed at a fair grounds and I gotta tell ya this crowd came to destroy! There was a dust cloud a mile high from the dust in the mosh pit. Later that night we had a party in the parking lot, arm wrestled and ate fried twinkles and watched my production manager Syru hold up a fence for an hour cause he was so hammered. My tour manager Crow had to carry him to bed. Funny s--t! Work hard, play hard.

Then we were off to St. Louis where Carnival of Madness was taking it to the next level. I did a radio interview in my underwear, it was so hot there. The show was insane from beginning to end -- all the bands had great sets. I finally got a crowd rowdy enough to crowd surf me back to the stage! I love me some St. Louis!

Then backstage, I watched these two hammered chicks try to screw anything that walked by. I call those chicks "lot lizards." Ya never know what your gonna see backstage at a rock show. People getting tattooed. Keg stands, popcorn movie night at the In This Moment tent. Anything goes.

We shove off and head to Oklahoma City and it was football Sunday so everyone in the bands were stoked. A lot of football fans on the tour. Watched the 49ers-Packers game till the 3rd quarter when we had to go onstage! (I am a huge Niners fan) I got updates from my production manager Syrus! NINERS WON!!!!!

I ran to the side of the stage where there was a Gatorade bucket full of ice water and dumped it on my head and proceeded to continue the rock assault on OKC! What a great crowd.

The night was kinda mellow after that. Although SHINEDOWN ripped OKC a new a--hole! They got their money's worth for sure!

Next, the epic climax was Red Rocks outside Denver! God designed the most epic rock venue! No pun intended. Google this place if you haven't seen it - it's incredible. There is an energy here that is infectious! All the bands had great sets and the crowd came to party! I could smell the fact that marijuana is legal there -- ha ha ha. I had a bunch of friends in the house, too, so it made for a great night!

All in all this tour has been such a great opportunity for not only Papa Roach but for all the bands involved. There is a real sense of family out here that you don't have on every tour. I'm so grateful to have been part of COM 2013!!!! Thanks to Shinedown for having us! And thanks to all the fans who came out to support! ROCK MUSIC WILL NEVER DIE!

Thanks to Loudwire and the readers for all support!

Until next time!

Our thanks to Jacoby Shaddix for contributing the latest blog of his weekly tour diary. If you haven’t picked up Papa Roach’s latest album, ‘The Connection,’ yet, head over to iTunes to grab yourself a copy. While Papa Roach's stint on Carnival of Madness is wrapping up, the band has Canadian and European tours coming up this fall. See their current itinerary here.

Backstage Photos From the Carnival of Madness Tour: