Papa Roach singer Jacoby Shaddix is a guest blogger for Loudwire. The rock frontman delivers a weekly diary during the band’s run on the Carnival of Madness tour, which also features Shinedown, Skillet, In This Moment and We as Human. Check out Jacoby’s latest entry below, in which he talks about the most recent happenings on the Carnival of Madness tour, working out with his bandmates, target shooting and more:

This week out here on Carnival of Madness has been great. Although it all seems to just meld together as the tour goes on. One big fun blur!

But this week there were a few highlights that broke up the 'Groundhog Day' tour experience. We had an absolutely slammin' show in Big Flats, New York. It was general admission (no seats -- I hate seats) so that was the first sign that it was gonna pop off!

All the bands had great sets. There was something electric about our connection with the audience that day. I watched Shinedown's whole set from beginning to end and I gotta say congrats to my brothers. They look and sound amazing!

We had to shove off early that night to get to Roanoke for a day off. Rest and recoup is what was on agenda. I didn't do s--t. Sometimes you need days like that.

Jumped on the bus late that night and rolled out to Charlotte, North Carolina. I have been doing this workout called T25 and we had a huge dressing room so the band decided to join me for the workout. It was pretty comical. If you could only see us in action, haha!

After that, the highlight for me was stumbling upon a remix of 'Super Freak' by Rick James and 'Rainbow In The Dark' by the late Ronnie James Dio. That s--t had me cracking up! I know it sounds whack, but come on that s--t is funny.

The show was packed that night always more fun when it's packed out. The after show was pretty rad too cause there was yet another birthday party in the IN THIS MOMENT camp. Katie, Maria's assistant, was the guests of honor. We rocked out to Social Distortion and played air guitar all night. Good times ...

Then off to Virginia Beach. I have fond memories of that place cause 12 years ago on OZZFEST, I got my wife pregnant with my first son Makaile backstage on the bus! BOOYAH!!!!!! It's funny, me and the wife know exactly were we were when we conceived all 3 of our kids -- haha.

Alright, back to the tour. I walked in on Brent [Smith] working out. That dude goes for it hard! A full insanity DVD then 500 sit ups! He is a f---ing stud! I admire him for his discipline. I know it's not the debauchery some of you were hoping for but to have longevity in this biz you gotta take care of yourself. I'd rather be a roaring fire than a flash in the pan.

Then the next day in Raleigh, North Carolina was intense. I got a notice on my phone warning me of flash floods. It was coming down while Skillet was onstage then let up for set change and as soon as we hit the stage it started pouring. Thunder and lightening touching down a quarter mile from the stage. I was pretty freaked out. They pulled us offstage early cause of the lightning. Luckily we got most of our set in. We always have epic shows in the rain. Something about it brings the energy!

Now off to 2 days off in Nashville! I was totally ready for a break. The first day we hooked up with the owner of the bus company we use and went out to a friend's property (120 acres) outside of town to shoot some guns. The guy who hosted us was John Towers. He is a Nashville cop that runs a nonprofit soldier rehab called Hero Hunt. They take soldiers that have post traumatic stress disorder or severe injuries and go hunting. So cool that he is helping soldiers transition back into the real world. He got us set up with AR 15's and a gang of pistols and we went to town on target shooting. What a blast! No pun intended. I hit a target at 220 Yards.

It's always nice to break away from the road when you out there. Then the next night we rolled out to James Michael's place (singer of Sixx: AM) and had dinner. So rad to catch up with that guy. I love that guy like a brother. Pretty rad week if you ask me.

Damn my fingers are sore from typing this. I'm out!

Until next time, stay classy San Diego!


Our thanks to Jacoby Shaddix for contributing the latest blog of his weekly tour diary. To purchase tickets for the Carnival of Madness tour (see dates below), click here. And if you haven’t picked up Papa Roach’s latest album, ‘The Connection,’ yet, head over to iTunes to grab yourself a copy.

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9/08 – Oklahoma City, OK – Zoo Amphitheatre
9/10 – Morrison, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheatre
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9/14 – Sacramento, CA – Discovery Park (Aftershock Festival)
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Backstage Photos of Papa Roach on the Carnival of Madness:

Courtesy of Jacoby Shaddix
Courtesy of Jacoby Shaddix
Courtesy of Jacoby Shaddix