In an interview before his show at The Rave/Eagles Club in Milwaukee, Wis. on Jan. 28, James Durbin talked about his new album ‘Memories of a Beautiful Disaster,' his musical inspiration, and his fans.

When asked about the highlights of making ‘Memories of a Beautiful Disaster,’ Durbin pointed towards the many collaborations on the disc, saying, “Highlights would probably be Howard Benson producing the record, getting to write with people like Marti Frederiksen, James Michael and DJ Ashba from Sixx:AM, Mick Mars from Motley Crue and Hardcore Superstar from Sweden. Hardcore Superstar are probably my favorite band so I have so much to be grateful for, a lot of really great stuff has happened.”

When asked about his driving force, the humble Durbin first thanked his family, saying, “My family. Family is number one, my wife Heidi and my son Hunter give me the strength to do this and basically all the support that I’ll ever need.” He continued that thought, saying, “Other than them, it’s my fans. I tell my fans this every chance I get, you can be the greatest singer in the world, you can have the greatest album in the world, but if you don’t have fans, you’re nothing, so I’m nothing without my fans.”

As far as his inspiration, Durbin feels constantly inspired by everything around him. He explained, “I wouldn’t say that it’s any one thing or any one person, I could draw inspiration from anything really, I just wrote a song about Frankenstein. I’ve written songs for my wife, I’ve written songs for my son, I’ve written songs about bullying and being bullied, I’m pretty inspired right now so I could probably write a song about The Rave.”

When asked about his plans for the future, Durbin said that he and his band plan to spend spring and summer on the road, touring as much as possible, so catch them if you can and watch the full interview below.

James Durbin Gets Interviewed Backstage at The Rave/Eagles Club