Hatebreed fans are anticipating the band’s upcoming album, which will be their first since 2009’s self titled disc. When Loudwire recently had the chance to chat with Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta, he talked all about the band’s prpgression on the album and what fans can expect from the upcoming record.

“We’ll have a new album out and it’s going to be very heavy, very aggressive, very anthemic and we’re just going to bring it as hard as we can bring it on this one.” Jasta continues “We got a lot of ideas, a lot of stuff recorded, we’re going to resume pre-production in a week or two and hopefully it’ll be out in the fall.”

When we asked what the process of creating the album has been like so far, he responded by saying, “It’s been good because we’ve taken our time and we’re just playing to our strengths.”

He goes on to say, “What people like about Hatebreed is that we’ve never really strayed from the recipe, we’re allowed to, one or two songs here and there per record but this time around there are elements of every record and that’s fun because you got to want to play it every night. There are no songs that I don’t love to play and just last night they sang almost every word to almost every song, that’s what I want to bring with the new record – something that’s going to make people get a charge.”

As far as whether he's inspired by any new metal bands out there, Jasta gave us this answer: "They’re not a new band, but I love As I Lay Dying. I did a race recently for ‘The Wounded Warriors’ and I hadn’t run in a couple weeks and I was really sore and tired and at about the sixth mile I was ready to start walking and their song kicked in. I think it was ‘Empty Hearts’ or one of their songs off of ‘Shadows Are Security.’ I just sprinted to the finish line. That’s some powerful s--t."