Last night (July 16), the world of music lost a true legend, Johnny Winter. The iconic blues artist passed away in a Zurich, Switzerland hotel room at the age of 70, only a few days after playing a gig in Austria.

Few musicians can boast the longevity and influence attributed to Johnny Winter's career. Johnny was a performer for well over 60 years, being creatively nourished by his parents from a very early age, as was his brother, Edgar, who also went on to become a legendary musician.

Winter put out his first studio album at age 15, fronting Johnny and the Jammers on 'School Day Blues.' Johnny would later unveil his debut solo album, 'The Progressive Blues Experiment,' in 1968. Winter would go on to release well over 30 records, including studio albums, live albums and compilations.

Johnny Winter also proved his chops in the world of production, working with fellow blues legend Muddy Waters on highly celebrated albums such as 'Hard Again' and 'I'm Ready' -- both of which took home Grammy Awards.

Winter's death was announced via his Facebook page:

Legendary Johnny Winter Dies at 70

Texas blues icon Johnny Winter has passed away on July 16, 2014 in his hotel room in Zurich, Switzerland.

His wife, family and bandmates are all saddened by the loss of their loved one and one of the world's finest guitarists.

An official statement with more details shall be issued at the appropriate time.

Johnny Winter struggled with health and substance abuse issues for many years, the latter of which involved alcohol and prescription drugs. However, no cause of death has been made public.

The guitar legend had been touring this year, even playing a show as recently as this past Saturday. Rest in peace, Johnny. Celebrate the blues master's life with us by watching this performance of 'Be Careful With a Fool.'

Johnny Winter, 'Be Careful With a Fool' (Live)

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