Judas Priest will soon celebrate Defenders of the Faith passing its 30th birthday with a remastered reissue of the album. Not only that, but Priest will also offer fans a two-disc live performance straight from the 1984 'Defenders' tour. The re-release won't hit shelves until March 10, but we've got an exclusive clip of Judas Priest discussing the pinnacle album and one of its most legendary tracks, "Love Bites."

"Love Bites" is just one of many classic Priest tracks from Defenders of the Faith, which many consider to be one of the band's best albums. The song was a fixture of Judas Priest's 2014 'Redeemer of Souls' tour, showing first-hand how much the track means to the heavy metal legends.

In the video above, vocalist Rob Halford, bassist Ian Hill and guitarist Glenn Tipton speak about both Defenders of the Faith and "Love Bites." "I think [Defenders of the Faith] still sounds very very current," says Hill. "I don't think it would be too far off the mark if somebody came out with it now, I really don't."

Adds Halford, "I love 'Love Bites.' It's just a very unusual song when you break it down, musically. We have no song like it, it's very, very, very special." Halford goes on to describe opening concerts with "Love Bites" and the elaborate entrance he would make onto the stage. Let's just say fire was involved, which made for a few close calls back in the day.

Check out the exclusive Judas Priest clip above and be sure to grab the Defenders of the Faith 30th Anniversary edition once it's released on March 10. To pre-order the record, head over to iTunes or Amazon.

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