For the second year in a row, Kid Rock is offering up a cost-friendly tour to his fans and he's looking to reap the rewards. The '$20 Best Night Ever' tour was just announced earlier this week with dates kicking off in June. Kid Rock says he's surprised he's the only one so far who's figured out how to benefit the fans in such a manner.

Rock has teamed with Walmart and Live Nation for special promotions, with a majority of the tickets at each show going for $20 before service fees and select all-in packages. There's also a Walmart tie-in that includes a coupon for $2 off his First Kiss album.

The musician tells Billboard, "I'm so happy about the $20 thing. I've said before, I feel like I'll be able to ride this into the sunset. I really do. We've even learned more from being the guinea pig to do it the first time and now we've learned so much more."

Rock says they considered raising the price to $25, but decided to keep the cost where it was last year. That meant finding more ways to be efficient in keeping the price low for fans. "Let's find ways that we can be more efficient now that we've done it one time, that we can make more money but we're not messing with the people who are paying," says Rock. "I'm just very fortunate to be in a position to do it."

The singer states, "It's still nuts to me that nobody else has done it, not just $20 but has used the business model of showing up without a guaranteed amount of money and sharing the concessions and merchandise and really putting the weight on your back and passing the savings on to the fans. It's a scary thing, cause if nobody shows up, it's time to hang it up if you're playing for cheap like that, but … it's a lot of incentive for people to show up, too."

Check out Rock's full interview with Billboard, and see where he's taking the '$20 Best Night Ever' tour this summer here. For ticketing info, check here.