Despite a continuous string of hits, Nickelback have taken heat from music fans and critics alike with every album release. And with their new disc, 'Here and Now,' coming in November, the band is getting the parody treatment from radio personality Kidd Kraddick.

Kraddick has released a series of "leaked" tracks off 'Hear and Now,' with such titles as 'Really Big Hands' and 'I'm the Husband, You're the Wife.'

Sung in a gruff voice that mocks Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger's trademark rasp, 'Really Big Hands' starts off with the lyrics, "I'm a manly man / With really big hands / You know what that means / You understand / I got a beard and 'stache / And I love to sweat / Got a chain-link tat / On my left bicep."

'I'm the Husband, You're the Wife' pokes fun at Kroeger with lyrics like, "Well the hair on my chest is three-feet long / And if you think I'm not a man / Then I know you're wrong."

To listen to these Nickelback parodies (courtesy of Channel 95.7 in Grand Rapids, Mich.), click on the audio players below. If you want to hear the real deal, check out our song review of the 'Hear and Now' single 'Bottoms Up' here.

'Really Big Hands'
'I'm The Husband, You're the Wife'
'Untitled Single'