Killswitch Engage fans are patiently waiting for the band’s forthcoming album with original frontman Jesse Leach, but the group gave many fans in the States an early Christmas gift with their headlining trek to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the band's 'Alive or Just Breathing' album.

Loudwire recently caught up with Leach and we asked him about some of the worst and best Christmas presents he’s ever received, as well as what he would like for Christmas this year.

“My worst Christmas present, as my mother is infamous for doing this, I believe she got me a turtleneck one year – a weird colored turtleneck," reveals Leach, who continues, "I’ve also gotten oversized jogging suits, like triple XL and clearly I’m not a triple XL. I remember that morning putting it on anyway and putting my arms in the pants and totally making fun of the present in front of her. [Laughs] My whole family got a kick out of it.”

As far as his favorite gift, the story is bittersweet: “The best present I ever got was a bike, when I was a kid, it was a Huffy BMX bike. I was so stoked about it and then about two weeks later someone stole it from me ‘cause I was living in the ghetto in Philidelphia. [Laughs] I was heartbroken.”

Leach goes on to explain the tragic bike theft, “It was one of those things where the kid’s like, ‘Can I try your bike?’ and I’m like ‘Aw, sure man. Take it around the block’ [laughs] and he peaced out with my bike.”

When we asked the singer what he would like for Christmas this year, he replied by saying, “I just want to pay some bills, man. [Laughs] That’s it, I want to pay some debts down.”

He continues, “It’s kind of boring, it’s one of those adult things where you have all these responsibilities - ‘What would you like for Christmas?' 'Oh to pay my bills.’ I’m sorry for being depressing.”

Even though paying off debts and bills for Christmas may seem like a total drag, Leach can always remember the two glorious weeks he had with his Huffy BMX bike as a kid.