Thirsty for some King Diamond? The heavy metal legend has just revealed plans for King Diamond's very first "best of" album that covers the band's entire career.

The upcoming compilation, 'Dreams of Horror,' will feature a total of 23 songs that have been meticulously mastered and enhanced by Andy LaRocque and King Diamond himself. The 2-CD collection will include material from King Diamond's years on both Roadrunner (Disc 1) and Metal Blade (Disc 2).

In a recent interview with Full Metal Jackie, King Diamond spoke about 'Dreams of Horror':

Metal Blade got the chance through getting some of licenses from Roadrunner, well Roadrunner is under Warner. So they got some licenses from them to actually release some vinyl of the old Roadrunner stuff but also to do a best of. That’s something that’s coming out, a genuine best of that is spanning the entire King Diamond career. One disc that is only Roadrunner material and one disc that is only Metal Blade but released through Metal Blade, the whole thing. It sounds amazing.

We went back before all the remastering that was done on our stuff and got back to the original stuff and could tweak that. You hear things if you joined later on, you could only buy certain versions of the albums these days. They don’t all sound like the way I’d like them to sound. And now we got the chance to actually select the songs ourselves, me and Andy. We worked on them hardcore with this new gear to get them as optimal as possible. They sound very close to how they originally sound. You can hear things you cannot hear on the versions you can buy today. So a very unique experience. For instance, we’ll come home and you will hear bottom end added to it that you never heard before that was really missing. Without changing the characteristics of the overall sounds. Even the latest King Diamond album, ‘Give Me Your Soul … Please’ sounds better.

'Dreams of Horror' is scheduled for a Nov. 11 release, but you can hear the remastered version of 'The Puppet Master' and pre-order the double album on Metal Blade's website right now! Check out the full track listing for 'Dreams of Horror' below and be sure to catch King Diamond on his upcoming North American tour.

King Diamond, 'Dreams of Horror' Track Listing:

Disc 1 - Roadrunner:
01. The Candle
02. Dressed in White
03. The Family Ghost
04. Black Horsemen
05. Welcome Home
06. The Invisible Guests
07. At the Graves
08. Sleepless Nights
09. Let It Be Done
10. Eye of the Witch
11. Insanity

Disc 2 - Metal Blade:
01. Dreams
02. The Spider's Lullabye
03. Waiting
04. Heads on the Wall
05. Voodoo
06. Black Devil
07. Help!!!
08. Spirits
09. The Puppet Master
10. Blue Eyes
11. Never Ending Hill
12. Shapes of Black