Last week, Kittie posed a bit of a philosophical question to fans via their social media networks. The ladies asked if their supporters would be interested in seeing the band play its debut, 1999's 'Spit,' which was easily their most commercially successful album to date, with the original lineup. Seems like a no brainer, right?

Bassist Tanya Candler and guitarist Fallon Bowman left the fold long ago. Sisters Morgan and Mercedes Lander have remained the sole constants, fronting the band and manning the kit, respectively, while managing a revolving door membership. While an influx of new members certainly made things exciting and prevented the lineup from ever feeling like it was going through the motions, the idea of an OG reunion is certainly an exciting prospect, especially for longtime fans of the all-girl act. It sparked a wave of web chatter, which in turn prompted the band to clarify that if a reunion happened, it would only be for a handful of shows and nothing more.

Below is the clarification on a possible original lineup reunion, issued by Kittie on their Facebook page.

Looking through some of the comments re: the og line-up reunion, I feel like it should be mentioned that if it were to happen, it wouldn't be a permanent thing, or even a tour for that matter. Just a few select dates, and Kittie will still remain the Kittie we are now.

So the recently-returned Trish Doan (not pictured) and Tara McLeod, who play bass and guitar, respectively, will not be uninstalled from their gigs even if metal's femme fatales and their former members stroll down memory lane. We'd definitely want to catch the gig if the Sisters Lander can make it work with Candler and Bowman. The fact that it would be for just a few shows makes it that much more special, too.