Hard rock goddesses Kittie visited Ontario's FM96 in their native Canada recently to talk about poaching former bassist Trish Doan from the station's Internet department and restoring her to her former role in the band. We're glad to report there's no hard feelings there and it's all one, big happy family.

The radio hosts asked the ladies if they have any "guy groupies," to which singer/guitarist Morgan Lander replied, "It's funny, when you think of the stereotypical female groupie, if that transferred over into men, that would be weird and inappropriate, like a scantily clad man? There is something off-putting about that. We have lots of male admirers, and female, too."

While the girls joked that they're too old for wild partying on the road anymore and sometimes have "Discovery Channel and tea" nights, the hosts pressed them to recount crazy tales from the past. They shared details about someone named 'Pee Crystal.'

Lander said, "There are a number of stories not appropriate for the radio." But the ladies proceeded to reveal how 'Pee Crystal' factors into Kittie lore. "There was a girl in Buffalo and she had to use the facility. She peed in the parking lot on the wheel of my parents car and came to the show."

Said "fan" was wearing a skirt, crouched down, peed on Mr. Lander's car, while Kittie watched from the bus. But that wasn't the last they saw of Pee Crystal. She turned up on their bus, with someone from the band's crew, later that evening. Kittie revealed, "She sat on our leather couch and she wasn't wearing underwear." Having witnessed her earlier activities, they were a little grossed out.

Even when the bus rolled out of town, they couldn't shake this girl. She found their hotel room and knocked on the door, but the kats didn't answer. She next followed their tour bus, pulling up alongside of it, holding a voodoo doll out the window of her car and shaking it at them!

Pee Crystal may have tried to put a spell on Kittie, but she failed and they remain unfazed, except for a good laugh.

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