After months of teasing their new album with the release of the singles, 'Get Up!' and 'Narcassistic Cannibal,' Korn have revealed yet another track from their upcoming album, 'The Path of Totality.' The new track from the dub-step inspired nu-metallers is titled 'Sanctuary,' and it's unlike anything you've ever heard from Korn.

Released exclusively by Hot Topic's YouTube channel, 'Sanctuary' is a much more experimental, down-tempo single with heavy computerized processing. The song highlights the innovation that Korn has pioneered at a greater volume than their two previous singles off 'The Path of Totality.'

Unlike 'Get Up!' and 'Narcissistic Cannibal, 'Sanctuary' is almost unrecognizable as a Korn song. Produced by DJ Downlink, who we recently covered as one of Korn's opening dub-step acts during their current tour, brings yet another experimental mindset to 'The Path of Totality,' along with electronic artists including Skrillex and Kill the Noise. Despite its ambiguity, 'Sanctuary' has been met with a mostly positive response from Korn fans, who have embraced the band's style change since the release of 'Get Up!' in May.

'The Path of Totality' is set for major release on Dec. 6 through Roadrunner Records. Korn are also offering a free autographed lithograph poster to fans who pre-order 'The Path of Totality' from

Listen to Korn's 'Sanctuary' (Courtesy of Hot Topic)