So by now, most music fans have heard that Korn are foraying into dubstep with their upcoming album, ‘The Path of Totality,’ due out on Dec. 6. Singer Jonathan Davis recently checked in on the evolution of his band, the status of his fan base, and the difference between metal shows and dubstep shows.

In a recent interview with MTVhive, Davis admits that he’s been a huge electronic music fan for awhile, so when the opportunity came up to create a dubstep album, he had to get the rest of his band on board. Once they joined the cause the band got to work on what Davis calls “the hardest album [they] ever did.” According to Davis, “We were working 18 hours a day on these things. It was our trailblazing again."

On that trailblazing, is Davis afraid that Korn fans won’t be as open to this new sound? He doesn’t seem too worried. When asked if Korn fans will crossover into being dubstep fans, he said, “Some will, sure.” He followed up saying that in any genre, there are purists, and that, “People are going to want to hold on the past.” But, according to Davis, “This is the future; it’s the new hip-hop, it’s the new metal, it’s the new everything.”

Rock concerts apparently no longer satisfy Davis, “At a rock show, I’m bored to death,” he said. Davis compared metal shows and dubstep shows as night and day saying that electronic shows are “all peace and love” and metal shows are “all hate,” but in the end, electronic fans “rage harder than metal fans.”

Korn fans can get a taste of dubstep on their current tour. The band is playing three sets each night: they start out with Korn rarities, then their dubstep set, then they close out the night with Korn hits.