Veteran bands seem dead set on switching things up as of late. Case in point: Metallica collaborating with Lou Reed and metal dudes Korn knocking out a dubstep-inspired collection.

As for the latter, Korn drummer Ray Luzier says he loves the fact Korn isn’t afraid to step outside of what’s considered “normal” and take a risk, which they're doing on their upcoming album, ‘The Path of Totality,' out Dec. 6. “That's what I love about this band-- they're not afraid to try new things,” Luzier told Music Radar. “If you try to change the style too much and take a risk, you might lose fans, but there's nothing wrong with being creative and expanding what you're doing.

“Jonathan was a big fan of dubstep about a year ago and I'd never been exposed to it. The more he got into it he started writing over the top of it. He's such an amazing singer. There's no one that sounds like Jonathan Davies. Little by little we messed around with some recordings. It's weird because there's not drummers at all, they're DJs. It was really interesting. It was an experiment that turned into an EP and then a full-length record.”

What’s the reaction been like from Skrillex and Korn fans who are prepping for the new album? Luzier says it’s two thumbs up. “I'm already having emails from Skrillex fans saying they don't own a Korn record but they can’t wait for the new album,” he said. “I'm sure we'll piss off a lot of die-hards, but if they give it a chance it's such a massive sound. I cranked the master in my car the other day and it's blown out my speakers! I've always been a Nine Inch Nails fan and it's got that edge to it. We started rehearsals the other day and all my drums are triggered. It makes you not want to play more notes. I just want to plough through because it's so bombastic and big. We were laughing at how massive it sounds.”