Want to venture into a post-apocalyptic, urban landscape with only Lamb of God's 'Ghost Walking' as the soundtrack? Well, you can, courtesy of the band's new video for the song, which is the lead single from LoG's latest album, 'Resolution,' out Jan. 24. It's a fully animated clip comprised of vivid visuals that spring to life on the screen, accompanied by a political thriller-type plot and story arc.

We follow a trenchcoat-sporting protagonist as he is walking through a seedy setting littered with security guards looking like they mean business, with their gas masks firmly affixed to their faces. He is carrying documents in a file and it looks like information that we're not supposed to be privy to. The question remains: Is he supposed to be privy to it, as well? The course of events unfold from there and we're going to let you watch it and decide for yourself just what the heck is going on.

Let's just say that we tail the protagonist through a series of events  that make us feel like we woke up from a deep sleep only to discover that it's Judgment Night. Maybe this is what will happen if we don't elect LoG singer Randy Blythe as the next President of the United States?

If this is the end of the world, Lamb of God's 'Ghost Walking' is the perfect sonic partner for it.

Watch Lamb of God 'Ghost Walking' Animated Video