While Randy Blythe continues to make headlines with his presidential campaign ads and his in-depth thoughts on piracy, let’s not forget that Lamb of God are on the verge of releasing their new album, ‘Resolution,’ on Jan. 24.

In a recent interview with The Aquarian, Lamb of God bassist John Campbell gave fans a first-hand look into their writing and recording process this time around and how it differed from their past writing sessions. For this cycle, the band started writing songs while they were out on the road touring, and guitarist Mark Morton would record them on his laptop. According to Campbell, “When we got back home in November, Willie [Adler, guitarist] started demoing stuff. And when we met in the rehearsal space with Josh [Wilbur], the producer, we had a ton of tracks to start plowing through to fine-tune, craft and trim the fat off of to make ‘Resolution.’

For fans wondering where the title ‘Resolution’ came from, Campbell described it in a funny way, “Well, we argued quite a bit about what the record should be titled, and when the dust settled, ‘Resolution was what the record was called.” Campbell is a fan of the multi-dimensional title, explaining, “It’s not just a random word, and it can mean a lot of things, which I think is what makes it a great title.”

The artwork lends itself to that idea as well, picturing a massive burning wreckage. Campbell reflected on the artwork, explaining, “You can imagine that this wreckage is some sort of resolution. Resolution could also be just having the fortitude to just carry forward on whatever path you’ve chosen and on whatever endeavors you’ve chosen.”

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