Here's confirmation that the almighty Lamb of God will be returning to the forefront of the metal scene in 2012. The band has posted a call to action on its website regarding a super cool feature film documentary the Virginia metal titans will shoot during their 2012 world tour. But this won't be just another doc that follows the band around and records them in various stages of work and play. It's much more unique.

Essentially, LOG are looking to document their fans and record personal accounts of how the fans use the band's music to help them cope with every day life. The band is seeking out one individual in each location.

In order to participate, interested parties can fill out a form on the band's website, submit a video and a written letter of 2,000 characters or less --hey, at least it's not Twitter-sized and capped at 140 characters-- describing their lives and how the band's music has impacted them.

Further requirements are as follows: If you are selected, you must be in town and prepared to be involved in a full day's worth of LOG-related activities on the day of the show in your market. Oh, wow, that's tough! Hang out with awesome, grizzled metal dudes for a day? Where do we sign up? Oh, right, the Lamb of God site.

You also must grant the band and its film crew access to your entire life, including your home and job, your family and your friends, at the time of the filming. Lastly, all entrants must be English speaking.

Are you up for it? Given the fact that LOG are a modern-day Pantera, thanks to their wall-of-sound style and Southern stewed grooves, this documentary should certainly reveal the relevance and power of one of the '00s best true metal acts. And they are giving you a chance to be a part of their legacy. Do it up.