Lamb of God have been ripping up the Northeast on their current club tour in support of their new disc ‘Resolution,’ released on Jan. 24.

Allowing fans to experience the metal and mayhem in these smaller, intimate settings was something that was important to the Richmond, Va. metal masters. In a recent interview with Headbanger’s Ball, drummer Chris Adler explained why it was imperative to them to get up close and personal with their fans, “These shows are the size shows that I’d want to see a metal show in, everyone gets the full after-burner right in their face.” He went on to explain, “As much as we love playing huge theaters and telling Mom about it, the real metal shows happen in these smaller places where people are just on top of each other and there’s blood, sweat and tears everywhere.”

Adler also talked about the making of ‘Resolution’ and why the band strived to try new things, saying, “To me, having had this long of a career, seven albums, I don’t know many people who say I know that band, I like their seventh album.” With that in mind, the band had their work cut out for them. Adler explained their thinking, “So for us it was a challenge to come up with what we felt was on par and exceeded what we did before so it could potentially be our favorite record and a fan's favorite record so we pushed a few directions that we hadn’t really allowed ourselves in before and I think it turned out great.”

Judging by the rave reviews and early sales predictions of 'Resolution,' everyone else thinks they did great too. Watch the full interview with Lamb of God below and check out our review of their latest offering here.

Watch Lamb of God Get Interviewed on Headbanger's Ball