Lamb of God have teased their fans further with an insanely awesome trailer for their upcoming album, 'Resolution.' The trailer showcases the album's final track 'King Me,' which utilizes a full orchestra and a female opera singer.

As the release of 'Resolution' approaches, Lamb of God have unveiled snippets of the forthcoming album -- pumping up their fans for the next step of the band's career. The track 'King Me' is already ambitious enough, but the teaser for the song takes the piece to a completely different level. With a production quality normally reserved for mainstream music videos, LoG have delivered something truly worthy of all the buzz.

In an interview with Radio Metal, frontman Randy Blythe shared his personal definition of the word 'Resolution' and what the title means for the album.

"'Resolution' doesn't necessary mean that you're going to change; a resolution can be a lot of different things," Blythe explains. "It can mean the end and result of a lot of stuff, it can mean a clarity of vision, so … it can be a decision you're going to make, so my resolution on this record is just to tour the world and put on the best show we can."

Blythe continued about the polar opposites found within 'Resolution' and how they became fused together. "Because we wrote exactly what we wanted to write, and those songs were written because at the moment of time, we were on the mood to create a sludge song," says Blythe. "We were like, 'What if we wrote a sludge song?' Then we didn't felt like doing it anymore, so we did something else. The orchestra was added at the end. This song was not meant to have a orchestra or an opera singer; that was just added at the end."

The wait is almost over -- 'Resolution' drops Jan. 24.

Watch Lamb of God's 'Resolution' Teaser Featuring 'King Me'