Is there anything as infinitely cool as a presidential "candidate" who skateboards? Sure, it was hip when Bill Clinton was running for the highest elected office in the country and played the sax on late night TV shows, letting the country see his lighter, more human side. But Generation Y has its own vocal anti-hero and it's D. Randall Blythe of Lamb of God. Blythe just released his first "presidential campaign ad" and it's enough to make the youth of today wish he really was a legit candidate so fans could pull the lever in his favor in November.

The singer has been ranting and raving on Twitter and on his Tumblr about the upcoming presidential election and has offered to throw himself on the grenade that is role of the president. Yes, Blythe's band has a new album, 'Resolution,' due out on Jan. 24, and this campaign is certainly an innovative way to promote it. He revealed his new video via a tweet, which read: "Posted 1st campaign ad last night. I paid for it & produced it myself, w/music donated by one of my posse. Check it." See, who needs corrupt campaign contributions that often come with kickbacks when you can, you know, do it yourself?

The short clip features Blythe skateboarding on a half-pipe, and wearing a helmet while doing so. A presidential candidate has to abide by the rules and set an example for his constituents. He doesn't spew rhetoric or talk smack or nonsense about his opponents. He just rides, with some lazy beats and grooves playing in the background. What a breath of fresh air.

Blythe wants to drop in head first for the job and help this great nation of ours get its groove back. (Lamb of) Godspeed, Randy!

Watch Randy Blythe Campaign Video