Let’s face it: Twitter is addictive. Heck, even Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe is hot on the social networking site.

Blythe says that ever since his buddy got him tweeting, he hasn’t been able to stop! “I mean, the whole thing with social networking, [is that it's] personal with Twitter,” he told Metal Insider (via Blabbermouth). “A friend of mine told me about Twitter when it first started. A woman who lives here in Richmond, and she was like, ‘You gotta get one of these things. It's Twitter, it's micro-blogging, it's a blog post in 140 characters or less.’ And I'm like ‘well that sounds really stupid,’ because what can you say in 140 characters or less? And I tend to be long-winded, as several of my Twitter posts illustrate.

“But I just started it, kind of on a lark really. And as I continued doing it, people started following me and I started noticing its potential and its downside as a communication tool. As its potential for talking to a fan base, it really is unparalleled because it's an immediate response to a question from a fan or whatever. And it's not like you have to e-mail them and you can answer questions all day long. My guitar player, Mark Morton, has a very different style of Twittering than me; I don't know if you've seen his or not.”

Blythe added that he’s even gotten into arguments with people over social media after they misunderstood what he was trying to say in a tweet, “mainly via missed sarcasm.”

“Yeah, sarcasm has its place. I try not to rely on it too much, but it does have its place,” he said. “And that sort of thing, that aspect of the human interaction, that person-to-person conversation, the use of our language, and even body language, is lost. So there's a huge downside to it…

“And the other thing with me with Twitter is I actually like engaging people and discussing topics that interest me and might make someone's head turn a little bit. They might think a little bit after arguing with me — I love arguing as well. And I do that quite a bit…  And with that being said, I have something now approaching something like 24,000 followers, that's a whole lot of people to discuss with. So it can get kind of hectic and I waste too much time on it sometimes. But it is pretty useful.”

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