Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe is a man who finds beauty wherever he looks. It's this sentiment that has fueled a great deal of Blythe's creative history and brought a sense of meaning and comfort while the vocalist was going through his controversial Czech Republic trial.

If you're a follower of Randy's Instagram page, you've no doubt seen a menagerie of photographs taken by the Lamb of God growler himself. It's through this passion that led Randy to open a personal exhibition at the Sacred Gallery in New York City. In this exclusive video, Blythe talks all about the exhibition and what he looks for when hitting the streets with his camera.

Blythe's Show Me What You're Made Of showcase features photos of beautiful landscapes, gritty street photography and portraits of interesting individuals. Visitors to the Sacred Gallery will also find pictures taken by Blythe during his Czech manslaughter trial, where he was found to be not guilty. For those unaware of the Czech trial story, description cards are placed next to each photo, so everyone will get to experience the ride.

Blythe also speaks of spending time surfing in Bali and capturing some of the planet's most beautiful landscapes. However, Randy considers his street photography of Bali's everyday people to be just as gorgeous.

Listen to Randy Blythe speak about his photography and exhibition in the clip above! Randy Blythe's Show Me What You're Made Of exhibition will remain open at NYC's Sacred Gallery until June 30, so if you're in town, make sure to check it out!

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