Note: Randy is drinking non-alcoholic beer in this interview.

Here's another piece of video from Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe's recent visit to our studio! In this clip from our exclusive interview, Randy discusses quitting alcohol after being "a garden variety drunk for 22 years" and how his personal turnaround affected the reaction to his 2012 Czech manslaughter arrest.

Accentuated by his powerfully aggressive stage persona, Randy Blythe used to be perceived as a loose cannon by the metal community. This was fueled by Lamb of God's infamous Killadelphia DVD, which documented a nasty brawl between Blythe and LoG guitarist Mark Morton, and the MTV reality show Battle for Ozzfest, where Blythe hazed and terrified the guitarist from A Dozen Furies during a live Ozzfest performance.

Since those isolated incidents, Blythe has turned his life around and is now widely thought of as one of the nicest guys in metal. In this interview, Randy speaks about finally putting down the bottle and remaining sober for five years as of this posting.

We also talk about the initial reaction to Blythe's Czech Republic arrest. Lamb of God fans and other metalheads immediately assumed Blythe was innocent of his manslaughter charge, but would fans have jumped to that same conclusion if Randy was thought of as an out of control alcoholic? Randy himself answers that question here. The vocalist also describes his perception of time when comparing prison and his trial to Randy's past two years as a free and exonerated man.

Check out our extremely revealing interview with Randy Blythe above and make sure to watch more exclusive footage with Lamb of God's vocalist below. Lamb of God will release the enormously anticipated VII: Sturm und Drang album on July 24. To pre-order the record, click here. In addition, on July 14, Blythe will release the book 'Dark Days,' which is available at Amazon.

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